Project Overview

During the summer of 2022 I served as an intern for the Talent Acquisition Department at Stericycle Inc. Stericycle is the industry-leading compliance company for healthcare organizations, patients, and commercial businesses of every size—serving customers in the U.S. and 12 countries worldwide. The Talent Acquisition team needed a dedicated digital and print designer for the summer to support their hiring needs. 

The Challenge

The Talent Acquisition team at Stericycle faced a very competitive hiring market for their open positions, particularly truck drivers, and they needed more compelling marketing pieces to attract new talent.

The Solution

I worked with Stericycle’s Creative Director to understand the company’s  branding and marketing strategy and visited a Stericycle facility to get firsthand knowledge of their employee base. Building on those interactions, I created a collection of materials that were used by the Talent Acquisition team for hiring activities, social media posts, and community events to create interest and excitement in working for Stericycle. 


Onsite Trip

I visited one of Stericycle’s waste disposal facilities to understand the drivers’ roles and how Stericycle supports its drivers by creating a positive employee experience. The facility manager and I discussed the drivers’ difficult but rewarding jobs which help protect our planet and our communities by safely disposing of regulated medical waste and confidential information (through their Shred-it brand). This research enabled me to understand the kind of talent that Stericycle was trying to attract and the selling points of the role that I could emphasize in the hiring materials. 


HR Benefits Summary

Compensation is very competitive for truck drivers, so Stericycle needed to sell every aspect of the employee experience, including their strong benefits package. Talent Acquisition had access to a comprehensive benefits booklet, but it was too long to help them during more concise interactions such as hiring fairs and online posts.  I created a one-page summary that clearly laid out the highlights of the benefits package while also incorporating artwork, branding, and a QR code leading to the job application site – a one stop shop for drawing in candidates.

Hiring Poster Series

Stericycle has an important responsibility in taking care of regulated medical waste and making our world a better and safer place by keeping this waste from contaminating our environment. They rely on their truck drivers and plant workers to achieve this goal but the work can be viewed as difficult or unpleasant in spite of the positive environmental impact. I created a series of posters to attract drivers and plant workers who share Stericycle’s commitment to safety and compliance. These posters covered a variety of locations that were looking to hire new talent. In addition to the materials that I developed during my internship, the company continues to use my design template to promote open positions. 

Pride Parade Handout

Stericycle is very active within the community. For PRIDE month in June, employees participated in a local pride parade near their Bensenville location. I created a PRIDE handout to promote diversity at Stericycle and attract potential job candidates. These handouts were distributed throughout the parade by the Talent Acquisition team members who chose to participate in the event.


Working in a corporate environment for a large global company was a great experience. Among my many learnings from this internship was the importance of iterating on designs. I created my designs using a collaborative approach that included feedback from the TA team, the Creative Director and her team, and other stakeholders. During the review process, I engaged in thoughtful conversations and used active listening skills to fully understand each piece of feedback and determine how best to modify designs to meet the stakeholders’ needs.