About Me

About Me

About Me...

Hi! I’m Ainsley and I am a student at Bradley University and plan to graduate in 2023. I am a User Experience Design major. I’ve been working with Adobe programs for roughly 6 years and love creating digital artwork!

I’ve taken numerous design, research and analysis classes in order to get a well rounded understanding of users and their interactions here at Bradley. When I’m not designing, I love reading, running, and drawing!

I first became interested in computer design in high school. I started out by getting involved with graphic design and then later digital art and found out I really liked design work. One of the main things that I really enjoyed was the freedom of getting to experiment and learn who I was as an artist.

I have had six years of experience with Illustrator, and four years of experience with other Adobe programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, and Adobe XD. I most recently learned how to use Figma in the past year to design digital mock-ups. 

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