Peoria Fresh

Project Overview

Peoria Fresh was originally launched as a website in 2022 as part of a grant funded project. It was intended to act as a resource to connect food pantries with local gardeners and encourage them to partner up to provide the community with


The Peoria Fresh Website originally launched in 2022. However the initial design did not account for usability and accessibility. It was my goal, working alongside a team of students to evaluate the current site and work to make it more user friendly. Specifically my team worked on developing the existing structure of the site and improving it to make it easier to navigate.


The first thing we did when 

User Flow

The first thing we did when 

Field Research

One of the main goals behind Peoria Fresh is to make it easier for food pantries to collect produce and other items from the community. I had the opportunity to visit one of the food pantries that was partnering with the Peoria Fresh initiative to better understand their operations and layout. This made it easier to assess their needs and determine how the Peoria Fresh website could be improved to make it easier for food pantries to collect food. 

One of the biggest things I learned from this visit was the importance of non-perishable items. The food pantry had limited cold storage for frozen and refrigerated items. This was something we had to consider when encouraging people to donate to the food pantry because a lot of produce needs to be refrigerated so that it can have a longer shelf life. 

Final Designs-Web

Final Designs-Mobile